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Ögonlock Ford Focus MK1 (DAW, DFW, DNW) SB141

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Ögonlock Ford Focus MK1 (DAW, DFW, DNW) SB141
CSR Automotive headlight covers for Ford Focus MK1 (DAW, DFW, DNW) b>
  • headlight covers fit suitable for Ford Focus MK1 (DAW, DFW, DNW) Årsmodell 1998 -2004
  • for sedan, hatchback, tournament
  • headlight cover pair - left / right
  • vehicle specific TUV release, thus free registration b>
  • Good fit, because there is no universal part b> but especially for developed this type of vehicle! li>
  • Clean and simple Participate fastening means
    3M ™ Acrylic Plus tape PT 1100 b> with extremely high initial tack and high adhesion
  • The installation with the 3M ™ tape PT takes place in 1100 in three easy steps: Remove
    • the surface with the supplied 3M cleaning cloth li>
    • the tape from the pre-assembled and pre-tape li>
    • sticking to finish li> ul> 3M ™ Acrylic Plus tape PT 1100 b> is a 4-ply black double-sided Acrylatklebstoffband very high Sofo rtklebkraft especially designed for the automotive field, has been developed and is ideally suited for fittings of rigid attachments in which an aesthetic point of view edge is desired. PT1100 has a very good adhesion to a variety of automotive finishes, good internal strength, excellent long-term stability as well as very good adaptability to the surfaces to be bonded. The unique viscoelastic property of the PT1100 stresses are reduced outstanding in the glue line, yielding extremely durable compounds. Li>
    • High durability b> in car washes, at high speeds and extreme temperatures and humidity and High shock and weathering li>
    • Easy deconstruction b> are without damage to the headlights li>
    • Inklusive monteringsanvisning
    • headlight covers made of high quality material ABS b > made
    • Uniform surface structure allows for a paint without much preparatory work b> (Produkten är olackerad) UL>
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