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Bodykit Tuning Spoiler Set BMW E90 BK272

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Bodykit Tuning Spoiler Set BMW E90 BK272
CSR Automotive body kit for BMW E90 saloon Årsmodell 2005-09 / 2008 b> The perfect look of a piece - The offer CSR Automotive body kit. A complete tuning package - matched to your vehicle. Use 234.00 strong> over buying the items contained in this body kit Set your price advantage of EUR (The regular price is EUR 2,033.00)! The package includes:
  • body kit tuning package suitable for BMW E90 saloon Årsmodell 2005-09 / 2008 consisting of
  • CSR attachments with the order numbers: FSK086, HSK086, MOT086, ZB058, ZB065, ESD002, ZB066 < br> (more see below or please use the search function in the shop. Please note that the photos more, can not be displayed in this offering products that are included in part. this offer includes only the delar above with their article number!) < li> This offer includes a full hood strong>, and a muffler!
  • complete mounting accessories, if necessary
  • Inkl. Aluminiumnät, kromfärgat
  • There is currently no TUV certificate, Therefore, individual registration according to §21 StVZO required UL>

    (the animation shows some additional attachments that are not included in this offer.) p>

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