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Berner Bremsenreiniger 500 ml ZB137

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Berner Bremsenreiniger 500 ml ZB137

Berner brake cleaner H2> BERNER brake cleaner used for the rapid cleaning and degreasing of brakes, clutch systems, engines, transmissions, etc. BERNER brake cleaner removes quickly and reliably contaminants such as oil, grease, brake dust and brake fluid. The product evaporates quickly and leaves no residue. By cleaning with BERNER brake cleaner is for. B. increases the friction between brake delar, which results in a more uniform braking effect
  • Fast, reliable cleaning and degreasing li>
  • Dries quickly, leaves no residue li> < li> Removes brake dust, brake fluid, oil, grease li>
  • Supports a more even braking effect li>
  • non-corrosive li>
  • High material compatibility with many paints, plast/gummis and rubber li>
  • Free of AOX, acetone and silicones li> ul> application:
    Spray the dirty delar with BERNER brake cleaner, drain the liquid and allow to dry the surface. The surface can be wiped with a clean cloth. repeat the process for heavy dirt. For spraying the BERN pump sprayer can be used for brake cleaner. Before using on painted surfaces, rubber or plast/gummi must be checked on a small inconspicuous area for material compatibility
      Technical data (typical values).
    • based aliphatic hydrocarbons, alcohol li>
    • Physical state liquid < / li>
    • Color Colorless li>
    • solvent odor li>
    • density g / cc 20 ° C 0.7 li>
    • Flash point ° C <21 li>
    • ignition temperature 200 ° C li>
    • content 500 ml li> ul>

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